Zywie provides both Generic as well as Speciality medicines at affordable costs.

Generic Drugs

Zywie currently supplies Analgesics, Antibiotics and Multivitamin pills. Contact us for more information.

Our Speciality

Apart from the Generic drugs that are already being sold, Wound Care Management is about to be launched soon.

What is Zywie

Zywie is one of the fastest growing organization based in India.
Established in 2014, Zywie is determined to surpass the existing competition in both quality and compatibility.

Quality of Products

We deliver the best quality of medicines at the cheapest price, challenging all the existing pharma giants in terms of quality and scalability.

Friendly Service.

Our quick and friendly service ensures that you always get more than you asked for.

Contact us

Zywie Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.

H. No. 6-206, GHMC Office, Patancheru, Medak, 502 319, TG.

+91 9966388177, +91 9160543660