Hi-Grip VC ™

Advanced Compression Bandage with Pocket for easy fit and quick wrapping. The fine quality Advanced Compression bandage is manufactured as per DIN/IS 16111-2013.



  • Adjustable Velcro strap for comfort and structural support
  • No clips or tapes required to hold the bandage in place
  • Adhesive patch for protecting wounds
  • Premium quality breathable material with 200% extensibility
  • Excellent regainability ensures consistent and controlled compression
  • High quality material retains longevity and compression even multiple washes
    • 8 cm x 4 m
    • 10 cm x 4 m
    • 15 cm x 4 m
    • 15 cm x 8 m



  • Used in post treatment for all fractures dislocation.
  • Used  for skin grafting and burns
  • Used for Venous Disorders such as: Venous Disorders like: Lymphedema, Varicose Veins, Leg ulcers
  • Reduces blood flow hence preventing swelling of the body part
  • Secures Wound dressing
  • Supports sprains and Painful Joints.
    • CO- 50%   PA- 40%   RCY- 10%